Intel has finally announced its first Arc A-series GPUs for laptops. After months of previews and teasers, the company’s discrete GPU revolution has been launched.

These GPUs support DirectX 12, dedicated ray-tracing hardware, and also offer twice the power of Intel’s integrated Xe graphics.

These Arc 3 series GPUs are the least powerful as compared to other lineups, which might come later this year.

 Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro Is The First Laptop To Offer Arc 3 GPUs Option

Intel Arc A-series GPUs for laptops launched-min

The lineups are A350M with 6 Xe-cores and 6 ray-tracing units. The other one is A370M which is more powerful with 8 Xe-cores and 8 ray tracing units. Both of them have a memory of 4GB DDR6.

These discrete graphics processors are based on the new Xe HPG architecture. It is the first batch of GPU for laptops, for desktops, and workstations the company will launch later this year.

Intel announced Arc 3, Arc 5, and Arc 7 GPU series. The Arc 3 is based on a small ACM-G11 die and is the entry-level series. While Arc 5 and 7 are based on larger ACM-G10 die.

At present, Arc 3 series has two models, A350M and A370M. A350M has 6 Xe-cores, 6 ray-tracing cores, a 1150MHz graphics clock, and 25-35W power.

The 370M has 8 Xe-cores, 8 ray tracing units, and 1550MHz graphics clock, and a 35-50W power envelope. Both models have 4GB GDDR6 memory and 64-bit wide memory.

Later this year, the company will bring A550M, A730M, and A770M with more cores, memory, and high power envelop. However, the design and architecture will be the same.

Intel is marketing Arc 3 series as it is targeting 1080p 60fps gaming. According to the company, the Arc A370M with Core i7-12700H reaches over 60fps in a few AAA titles at medium settings and on 90fps in esports titles.

These new GPUs are targeted at thin and light laptops. Arc 3 series will offer more graphic performance as compared to integrated graphics. The gaming laptops are expected to apply Arc 5 and Arc 7 series GPUs. It will offer more graphic cores and ray-tracing units.

Intel’s first desktop Arc GPUs will arrive in the second quarter of 2022. The new workstation GPU is set to launch in the third quarter of 2022.

Intel is starting off the Arc series with Samsung Galaxy Book2 Peo. It is the first laptop to have Arc 3 GPUs option.


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