We all know that artificial intelligence, neural networks, and deep learning continue to gain ground among the titans of the Web. Hence, recently, the US-based giant Chip Maker company Intel launched the world’s first USB AI Accelerator.

Intel Launches World’s First USB AI Accelerator

Artificial intelligence, neural networks, and deep learning continue to gain ground among the titans of the Web, but beyond their impressive advances, these technologies need to reach the public in a simple and economical way to reach their full potential.

It is at this point that Intel has decided to intervene with the launch of its new Movidius module, which includes a visual processing accelerator focused on executing algorithms linked to object detection and facial recognition.

Tech giants like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon, in one form or another, all these companies are developing different artificial intelligence projects. The reasons for following this path are many, but one of the most relevant is the reduction of costs. Professor Moshe Vardi of Dice University has said that the “machines could keep 50 percent of jobs in the next 30 years”.

We have already explored some of the possible effects in the past, and there are striking examples like the one in this factory in China that eliminated 70 percent of its workforce from the pure robot.

Now, artificial intelligence does not have to be something exclusive to big companies. In fact, the Public intervention will be critical to its evolution, but accessible tools are needed first. That’s when Intel appears with its Movidius module.

History tells us that the company Movidius announced its Fathom deep learning pen drive in April 2016. Five months later, Intel bought Movidius in an agreement with confidential terms (the final sum never transcended), and today Movidius comes to us as A complete product of Santa Clara.

Basically, the internal Myriad 2 chip is an ideal visual processing unit for facial recognition and object detection tasks. Myriad 2 delivers more than 100 gigaFLOPs performance with just one watt of power.

Initially, the module had a price of $ 99, but with its arrival to the market under the wing of Intel will cost $79. Press images suggest that it will be possible to combine several Movidius modules to further increase performance. However, the final decision will be left to each developer and researcher out there (graphics cards are very powerful options, although they are more expensive and consume Lots of energy). Another possibility is that Movidius and Myriad 2 are integrated into multiple products.

So, what do you think about this Artificial Intelligence powered USB Stick? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.

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