What could be the future for the leading computer processors in a world that increasingly uses less computer? Intel has taken seriously this new challenge and is committed to the development of new platforms that are already being known, but still missing settle.

Intel Launches Project Alloy, An Open-source VR Headset

No wires and the concept of “all in one” in the immersive experience. Thus conceived the manufacturer veteran processors Intel the future of this emerging technology. Project Alloy is the name chosen to baptize a new platform for virtual reality with which it aims to eliminate at a stroke one of the main limitations of this type of helmets immerse users into a parallel universe.

During the annual developer forum Intel, the company’s CEO, Brian Krzanich, made several announcements, most of them away from the field of computers (as we know) mobile without elaborate much on the Internet things.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich called virtual reality, “one of those fundamental shifts that redefines how we work, how we’re entertained, and how we communicate in the world.”

Alloy Project was presented at the Intel Developers Forum (IDF), according to the information from TechCrunch and it is a device that includes everything which you need to enjoy the virtual reality cameras, sensors and controls.

It is, indeed the very idea that glasses HoloLens of the tech giant Microsoft, experiencing augmented reality. Indeed, both the US companies have joined forces to promote the new platform. As the headset will be compatible with Windows 10 Holographic platform, so that developers can easily build or develop the applications for the system.

However and as expected, the US company, which is not directly marketed a device but will distribute the platform from the middle of the year? 2017, because it has devised a system that can create virtual reality helmets that include various computer components as a fully independent device. So, the future of virtual reality looks better every day.

Furthermore, the Intel CEO, Brian Krzanich said onstage that “anyone can combine the Project Alloy hardware with Windows Holographic platform”.