The market for smartphone processors is divided into specific areas, with well-defined manufacturers as the more powerful processors and architectures are evolving.

But one of the manufacturers in the market has now decided to leave. The tech giant Intel will discontinue its line of processors for smartphones and tablets.

Intel Stopped Making Processors For Mobile Devices

Intel’s decision follows the same line taken last week, and that has led extinction of 12 million jobs. The tech giant Intel wants to return to a successful and profitable business. Therefore, they have to restructure and become contentious.

To this end, part of the Atom line, particularly the Broxton and Sofia platforms, has already been delayed, framed in the Atom X3 family, and specifically designed for smartphones and tablets.

As the tech giant, Intel stated, “Intel is accelerating its transformation from a PC company to one that powers the cloud and billions of smart, connected computing devices. We will intensify our investments to fuel the virtuous cycle of growth in the data center, IoT, memory and FPGA businesses, and to drive more profitable mobile and PC businesses. Intel delivers a broad range of computing and connectivity technologies that are foundational to this strategy and that position us well to lead the end-to-end transition to 5G. Our connectivity strategy includes increased investment in wired and wireless communications technology for connecting all things, devices and people to the cloud and powering the communications infrastructure behind it. We re-evaluated projects to better align to this strategy”.

The lines focused on tablets, the Atom x5 and x7, are based on the Cherry Trail platform, which will continue to be produced, but there is doubt whether its successor, the Willow Trail, will come to be produced or not.

Intel’s efforts in this area will now be forwarded to the 5G and the creation and production of new chips and modems to support this new technology.

This change may bring big changes in some companies’ projects, which will run out of processors in the future and have to look for alternatives.

After years of work to conquer this place in this market, the tech giant Intel always has to fight the giant MediaTek and Qualcomm. So, Intel now decides to stop and reorganize the firm to gain and hold a profitable and strong market position.


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