At the announcement event of Intel’s 13th generation desktop processors, the company also made many other announcements, and one of them was about the upcoming cross-platform collaboration app, Unison.

This app will allow your PC to connect with your Android smartphones and the best part about it is that it also provides support for iOS devices because there is no such potential app that supports iOS.

Intel Unison App: Supported Devices & Features

Intel Unison App Supported Devices & Features

Sharing photos from your smartphone to a PC via any physical connectivity now seems too slow as we are allowed to do it wirelessly, but still are very few modes to perform, such as the Phone Link feature from Microsoft.

But, a new app, Unison, is coming with many new capabilities to allow your phone and PC to connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. You can share files and manage notifications, messages, and calls (even if you can make calls).

This app will not be sustained on every Intel-powered Windows device. And it will be only supported on 13th gen devices and on certain laptops with Intel Evo 12th Gen CPUs.

And it also requires Windows 11 to run, so it all concludes that it is built for only work on the latest and upcoming devices. Currently, there is no future update regarding whether it will be supported on more PC.

However, this app also doesn’t have a feature that allows you to capture the screen of your smartphone and stream it on your PC.

Intel Unison & Microsoft Phone Link

If you have used the Microsoft Phone Link, you know that it only allows you to share photos of the smartphone to the PC, and Intel’s cross-platform collaboration app, Unison allows you to share every type of file.

And another difference between them is that Unison is expected to get more features very soon, as the company mentioned in the announcement.


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