This technique will make the internet open and programmable.

A new research has discovered a solution that would make the internet open and programmable and carry its traffic at the speed of light by developing a new idea of open source optical Internet.

Internet May Soon Handle Traffic At the Speed of Light

The research also stated, “The problem of present internet infrastructure’s insufficiency to support independent development and renovation at physical and network layer functionalities and to bear the rising bandwidth demands of changing and various applications constantly.

According to Researcher Reza Nejabati, “Hardware, as well as software technologies, can probably similarly revolutionize optical network infrastructure that Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS did for their mobile devices, respectively.

Reza Nejabati is a reader in optical networks of the HPN, abbreviated as the high-performance networks Group of Bristols’ Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Researcher Nejabati said, “These technologies will disguise the problem of optical networks and will unfurl for programmers and app developers that will influence them to create a new type of internet applications that would take benefits of speed of light.

Note: This Research was posted in the Journal Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society. 

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