Ray Tomlinson, who invented the modern email and the person behind choosing “@” symbol died at the age of 74. Also “@” symbol is standard in email, and all email addresses contain this symbol.

Inventor of Email, Ray Tomlinson is No More

Ray Tomlinson, the American Programmer who was attributed globally for inventing email, has died at the age of 74. He died due to Heart Attack. In 1971, he invented direct electronic messages which worked between users on different computers on an individual network. However, users could compose messages to others using the same computer.

Raytheon spokesperson, Mike Doble, said “A true technology pioneer, Ray was the man who brought us email in the early days of networked computers,”.

Doble stated that Tomlinson passed away on Saturday morning but he didn’t know whether he is at home and also didn’t confirmed the apparent cause of his death. Tomlinson reportedly worked in the company’s Cambridge, Massachusetts, office. Sydney Morning Herald stated that Tomlinson has died due to heart attack.


The death of Tomlinson is being widely condoled and being hailed for putting @ sign on the map. Tominson was also thanked by the email giant, Gmail and internet pioneers.

During the initial stage of his invention, he wrote and sent the first mail using ARPANET System which was built for US Government which is considered as pioneer to the Internet. Moreover, Tomlinson also contributed to the Network’s Development.

Tomlinson’s Email Program made drastic change and fundamentally changing the way people communicate.


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