We all know very well that recently at the end of May, the tech giant Apple introduced iOS 11.4, where several new features were integrated. AirPlay 2 and Stereo support for the HomePod stand out. However, now according to the latest reports, iOS 11.4 is borking battery life for some iPhone users.

OMG! iOS 11.4 Is Causing Massive Battery Drain Problems

The tech giant Apple introduced iOS 11.4 at the end of May, where several new features were integrated. AirPlay 2 and Stereo support for the HomePod stand out.

In addition to these new features and technologies, the tech giant Apple has fixed some bugs, which has somewhat improved the use of iOS. However, some users complain that this version is draining the battery much more quickly. A bug in Wi-Fi at 5 GHz could be the cause of the problem, but the tech giant Apple has not yet commented.

iOS again in conflict with the batteries

Some iPhone users are reporting problems with their battery life after updating their device for iOS 11.4. Apparently, the problem affects all models from iPhone 6 to iPhone X.

iOS 11 marked a major update on both the iPhone and the iPad. However, since its launch last September, several bugs have appeared to users. It is true that Apple has been extremely speedy to solve, but the unusual number of flaws and problems is anything but normal (and acceptable).

Now that iOS 12 has been introduced, followed by its release to developers, Apple will have to rethink what happened on iOS 11 not to make the same kind of mistakes again. Despite the fact that there has been a very positive leap, the Cupertino company will have to caution that certain problems can only happen under the beta versions.

iOS 11.4 may be ruining the battery life

After upgrading, especially on older devices, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, differences in autonomy are noticed. Given that, to Apple support came a few complaints to say that if with the iOS 11.3 version the smartphone had autonomy for a full day, now with iOS 11.4 this time was reduced almost by half:-

“My iPhone 6s has the same problem after upgrading to iOS 11.4. I charged up to 100%, rebooted, and put it on hold for 4 hours, the battery indicator dropped to 40%. It’s been three days since I upgraded it to iOS 11.4 and this issue happens every day.”

However, it is not only noticeable in the older ones. Although with less impact, there are also complaints on the most modern machines:-

“I have an iPhone X, after installing iOS 11.4 my battery started to drain 2 to 3 times faster than before. I’ve tried everything possible for a week to fix this. Nothing worked.”

Is it a problem with Wi-Fi at 5 GHz?

Apple has not yet commented on this new bug, but there are users who have already found patterns and who are going to come up with some tips. There are several who claim that turning off Wi-Fi alleviates the problem, while others have said that connecting to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network instead of 5GHz will prevent the battery from depleting quickly.

It will not be a hardware problem but it will certainly be another problem that Apple will have to evaluate and fix in version 11.4.1, which is already in beta 2.

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