We all know very well that the tech giant Apple introduced a number of innovations and improvements in its latest mobile operating system iOS 12, as we showed last May. However, now according to the latest reports, the tech giant Apple’s latest mobile operating system, of course, iOS 12 just introduced a new game-changing feature.

iOS 12 Just Introduced A New Game-Changing Feature

The tech giant Apple introduced a number of innovations and improvements in its latest mobile operating system iOS 12, as we showed last May. Some of these innovations were evolutions of other known functionalities, although they have been interesting technological leaps, we speak for example of the new function Screen Time.

Regarding Screen Time, Tim Cook was amazed at the quality of information collected, showing us our habits and how we use technology.

This type of functionality, which is beginning to focus on all operating systems – as we can see, for example, in Android, allow us to monitor, evaluate and qualify the type of use we make of mobile devices.

Screen Time is a function that takes advantage of the device tech, a system that collects weather information where the user uses the device, which applications you use most, what time we use our device more and various other information properly represented in illustrative graphs showing the relationship that the user has with his/her iPhone.

Screen Time – What information does it give us?

The tech giant Apple has added a new feature in Settings > Screen time. Basically, this new option allows to display graphs and details of the time that the user passes on the iPhone or iPad. How many hours do you spend on each application and how many times the screen is unlocked.

Along with this new feature, you can also see your data usage, and even of your kids as well, to get a better sense of the time spent on apps, visiting websites, and using devices.

An evaluation of the time spent on screen, that is, when the user is looking at the screen, is being evaluated as time in social networks, reading time in various order applications and productivity time, where the Internet, mail and other tools are taken in this group.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said the numbers surprised him!

“I have used it and have to say: I thought I was pretty disciplined about it. And I was wrong. When I started getting the data, I discovered that I was spending far more time than I should have,” the SEO of the tech giant Apple, of course, Tim Cook told CNN in an interview.

The tech giant Apple CEO mentioned that the surprise appeared when the application showed him that he uses the iPhone too long. In addition, he noted that the notifications he was receiving made no sense given the time consumed. This app has the primacy of validating the type of user behavior.

In order to adjust usage as a good practice, actions have been added. Thus, the user can enable the:-

Pause Time – Allows you to set a time for past time away from the screen. During this pause time, the user can make and receive calls and only the applications of his/her choice will be available.

Application limits – Allows you to set daily limits for the categories that the user wants to manage. The limits are reset every day at midnight.

Always allowed – The applications allowed during the pause time will be active here. These apps will also be allowed to use even with the usage time limit and pause time restrictions.

Content and Privacy Restrictions – Here you can block inappropriate content, manage iTunes and App Store Purchasing options, and more.

This and many other options will be available to everyone as early as September this year at the official launch of iOS 12. For now, this iOS 12 beta 2 is available to developers, but we can leave here a valuable tip to install and test now and to do so simply you have to follow this link.

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