We all know very well that how securely the tech giant Apple keeps its mobile operating system source code, of course, the iOS code. But, now according to the latest reports, recently, the tech giant Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS iBoot code got leaked.

OMG! iOS iBoot Code Leaked, Huge Security Headache For Apple

The iOS code is one of the most treasured kept secrets of the tech giant Apple. This is the basis of its mobile operating system and therefore is not made public, except for a few elements.

However, all this secrecy may now have fallen to the ground, with the provision by an anonymous user on GitHub of the iBoot code, an essential element of iOS startup.

It is not known who made this publication, but it was made public one of the essential elements of iOS. iBoot is the component that makes the iPhone operating system bootable, so it was very much wanted by all those dedicated to finding ways to jailbreak this system.

iOS iBoot came out on GitHub

The emergence of iBoot on the Internet will have happened four months ago, through a publication made on Reddit and that ended up not having significant visibility. Now it has finally come out publicly on GitHub, accessible to everyone, and without being sure who published it.

This code was available some time until it was removed by GitHub itself. Of course, that was long enough for it to be copied and published on several other Internet sites.

iBoot is, in a simplified way, the iPhone BIOS. It is responsible for ensuring that the operating system boots safely and with all the necessary elements. It also ensures that the kernel that is being used is properly signed by the tech giant Apple.

Even though it is the version used in iOS 9, the published iBoot can be used to achieve something that was forbidden in this operating system. With this code, it will be possible to open ports to be jailbroken again to iOS. Even with the normal changes and improvements, part of the code will still be used by the tech giant Apple.

Apple’s response to this problem

The tech giant Apple has already made public comment on this publication and has assured that revealed code does not affect its products.

Old source code with three years seems to have been leaked, but by design, the safety of our products does not depend on the secret of our source code. There are many layers of hardware and software protection built into our products, and we always encourage customers to upgrade to the latest software releases to get benefit from the latest protections.

The company thus eliminates any problem or need to update its products in the face of this information leak.

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