iPhone 5SE Know What To Expect From This New Phone
iPhone 5SE Know What To Expect From This New Phone

Lots of expectations are there from the new iPhone 5SE which must be presented to the world in the event that Apple has scheduled on Monday, March 21st, 2016.

iPhone 5SE: Know What To Expect From This New Phone

[dropcap]The[/dropcap] new iPhone allegedly named iPhone SE, and must be introduced to the world in the event that Apple has scheduled on March 21st. The most interesting rumor is about the smartphone is that it will come with a 4inch screen, which is smaller than iPhone 6. While March 21st (Monday) is not enough, first know what are the main comments on the mobile future. The good news is that Apple planned to launch this device at a lower price as compared to its other models.

The look of the phone should repeat, which we already know from the iPhone 5S. The difference would be on the side of the product, which should get a matte finish rather than the shiny metal once and colors can be the same as 6S: gold, silver, space gray and gold rose.

Remember that the iPhone 6S, announced last year, which offers a display of 4.7inch while the Plus has 5.5inch and the longer desired iPhone 5SE shall provide the lowest display between the phones from Apple. Two years ago the company has not released a smartphone with a display with such size. If the information is correct, you can expect even a glass screen with 2.5D technology.

The hardware should be quite different from the iPhone 5S. The new iPhone 5SE would come with the powerful A9 processor, same as the iPhone 6S. The camera will remain a mystery until the CEO Tim Cook climb onto the stage to make the announcement. Some rumors claim that it will continue with the 8 MP present in the 5S. Others say that the sensor will undergo a significant improvement, and may come with 12 MP same as 6S/6S Plus. If the rumors are confirmed, it will be able to shoot 4K videos. And the other upgrades would be the arrival of NFC sensor, which will allow the iPhone SE to perform mobile payments through Apple Pay. The iPhone 5S comes with the internal memory of 16 GB and 32 GB. iPhone 5SE will hold the 16 GB, but the second storage option would be 64 GB, double the previously found.

The significant absence for the future model tends to be the 3D touch technology that allows the iPhone to detect the pressure applied on the screen. The feature is already used by several applications, including Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. The presumable iPhone 7 is still expected for September this year since the announcement for the Monday should not modify Apple’s annual calendar for major releases.

As mentioned earlier, nothing is official, and Apple did not comment on the rumors. But if they are confirmed, the company will have expanded its product line with a new cheap iPhone with a smaller display. Few rumors also arrived that now the owners of the Apple Smart Watch can also expect the arrival of new bracelets from Apple.