As we all know that one of the key changes in the iPhone 7 has been the introduction of a new pressure-sensitive home button, which instead of clicking, it simply responds with a vibration when it is pressed. But, again a new problem emerged the new home button doesn’t work if you’re wearing any gloves.

iPhone 7’s New Home Button Is Rendered Useless Without Skin Contact

The early life of the all new iPhone 7 doesn’t seem to be very positive. If the pre-sales broke all records, even having exhausted the stock, the early days have been less positive, as there are many problems that were emerging in various elements.

Recently it was reported that the all new iPhone 7 from Apple is making strange noises, now there seem to be problems with the Touch ID, which apparently does not work without contact with the skin of users.

One of the changes that Apple put in the iPhone 7 was the new “Home Button”, which works now bit differently, no longer a physical button and having passed to function more as a touch screen that responds to the user with the feeling of a click.

However, not everyone liked this change, according to the latest information, it is leaving to work correctly when users wear gloves, apparently insisting users that there is physical contact needed on the button. This was a situation that did not exist before and now poses an obstacle when a user uses some kind of gloves.

Few reports appeared from simple experiments, which involved covering the new button and realizing that this left work the right way.

If this may seem a strange problem, since most screens and buttons require physical contact, the truth is that, with gloves, with conductive material, the contact was needed for the fingerprint reader, but apart from all these things it can be used with gloves smoothly.

Some tests performed with these gloves have revealed that the problem also exists and neither of these situations Touch ID work requiring contact with the user’s skin for use. Though it is not a major problem on the iPhone 7, but the truth is that many were accustomed to wear gloves in winter to use their smartphone, something that now will not be able to do.