iPhone 7 is coming after few months and it will be Apple’s next flagship phone. iPhone 7 is said to look quite similar to the iPhone 6s and the plus variant of iPhone 7 is likely to feature dual cameras which will be the major feature of the device according to the report.

iPhone 7 Plus Will Come With Dual Camera To Capture DSLR Quality Photos

Apple is expected to launch new iPhone which will sport dual camera and it will let the user to capture photos with the quality of a DSLR camera, as per analyst, Ming Chi Kuo. However, this feature could be limited to only large sized iPhone i.e 5.5 inch iPhone 7 Plus.

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The new camera will be the major feature of the upcoming iPhone 7 and is rumored to feature design similar to the iPhone 6/6s. Dual camera feature will be notable feature of iPhone 7 Plus, however it may look quite similar to the existing iPhone 6s. Experts claim that dual camera will help to capture fine and brighter images and will also reduce the size of the images.

iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are having little bulged camera, and iPhone 7 is believed to get rid of the bulged camera. Apple has renovated the camera in awesome approach.

If the report is genuine, it will be the first time for Apple to limit mind blowing camera technology to the 5.5 inch iPhone. iPhone 6/6s have about same camera features as in the 6/6s Plus but iPhone 7 Plus may come with better and advanced camera than iPhone 7.

It is also believed that iPhone 7 may come with wireless charging technology. You may soon be able to charge iPhone 7 while sitting at the mat and if you have medium sized room, you may easily use and charge your iPhone effectively.


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