In our earlier post, we discussed the upcoming technology in iPhone, which will be wireless charging. In that post, we posted:

“As said above about the current wireless charging smartphones, they aren’t fully wireless charging because we have to keep them in charging dock to charge. However, Apple devices may have better wireless charging solutions.

iPhone 7 May Come with Wireless Charging Feature

The report further says that upcoming iPhones and iPads can be charged even if it is kept away from a supposed mat, hence making them wireless. Apple is working to avoid technical blockades or loss of power while moving out when we charge our iPhones.

However, wireless charging has many negative effects on health because power gets transmitted through Air. Apple seems to work to make wireless charging safe and efficient.”

iPhone 7 Concept

The iPhone 7 may include a home button with a built-in Touch ID on the screen. Its dimensions maybe 5.51 x 2.63 x 0.25 inches. The new concept of the iPhone 7 states that it may feature a circular port along the bottom edge and a pair of speakers on either side.

The anonymous report claims that Apple will introduce a design that removes antenna bands from the back of the device, which will give the device a slimmer look. It will likely come with AX 64 Bit Processor and storage variants as 16 GB/64/128 GB and will run on iOS 10.

This technology will be very useful in the upcoming iPhones. We hope you loved this article, do share it and leave your opinions in the comment below.


  1. The release date is very near, we already got galaxy s7 and maybe in coming 1-2 months we are going to have iphone 7 in our hands…
    Hope for the best device

    • Yes bro, there are just few months left for the announcement of iPhone 7. Samsung’s wireless charging is quite slow when compared to manual charging, it seems that Apple may come with something different and we may get rid of charging dock which the current wireless charging smartphones are using 🙂


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