After the iPhone 7, all the eyes are now on Apple’s upcoming device iPhone 8 which will be released later this year and iPhone 8 will sport All-Glass design with stainless steel frame.

iPhone 8 To Sport All-Glass Design With Stainless Steel Frame

The tenth birthday of the iPhone has not only fueled rumors about the next phone from Apple. Everyone expects it to be very special, and yet new rumors suggest that it will have a design known because it will resume the glass construction that had the iPhone 4.

According to a report by Digitimes, the next generation iPhone will leave the current aluminum cover and adopt a new design with reinforced glass panels in both the back and front. This would be accompanied by a stainless steel bezel, which would help make the device much more robust and reduce its costs and manufacturing time.

The iPhone 4 also used a stainless steel frame, although this time the source says that a casting process would be used to make it much more subtle to the touch.

The first time this rumor was born was through analysis firm KGI Securities, which on several occasions has said that the tech giant Apple will know success retake the iPhone 7 Jet Black – glossy black – both users liked, For the next generation of devices.

In addition to the design, it also remains to be seen if Apple decides to implement a curved screen or keep the flat sides, or for example if it completely eliminates the bezels of the screen, and thus also the start button.

This week a report revealed that Sharp could produce OLED screens of the next generation of iPhone, although it is not clear whether it would be for the iPhone 8 or for later. To this must be added that some reports assure that there will be three different versions of iPhone, and that only one of them would have OLED screen. A world of rumors for whose confirmation we will still have to wait a while.


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