Latest rumors are simply indicating that the Cupertino giant Apple’s next iPhone possibly the iPhone 8 could have a curved plastic OLED screen from Samsung.

Apple iPhone 8 To Feature Curved Plastic OLED Screen

Next year Apple will celebrate the 10th year of the launch of the iPhone, the device that revolutionized the smartphone segment. Therefore, an iPhone 8 is expected with many new features, even if they are innovations within the ecosystem itself.

Apple could bet on a new, more radical iPhone, using materials other than glass or aluminum. According to the information published by the Korea Herald, the iPhone 8 will have an OLED screen of plastic, an unusual feature in the Cupertino company’s products.

A report published by the Korea Herald newspaper indicates that the next iPhone screen could be OLED, curved and plastic, allowing some innovations in this area. In addition to this news, the paper reaffirms that Apple’s idea is to introduce three new iPhones in 2017: one with OLED screen and two less radical models, more following what was presented with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, will be the continuity of this line.

The information that may be the source of this novelty does not clarify whether the plastic layer on the OLED screen of the new iPhone 8 will be in the contact part, where the user will feel the touch or if there will be a glass on top of this plastic. However, Apple has contracted Corning ‘Gorilla Glass’ to equip all its iPhones with the typical glass screen, which is a material considered premium compared to plastic.

Curved Plastic OLED Screen
Curved Plastic OLED Screen

The curved screen is already used by Apple in Apple Watch. As the Apple watches has curved edges and Apple knows how to handle this feature. Thus, an explanation of why Apple needs to use other material (such as the OLED plastic for the 2017 models) is still unclear.

The Korea Herald also points out that this new component will be manufactured by Samsung Display.

Will the tech giant Apple put on the market, the much talked about the screen that the South Korean giant Samsung has tested over the past few years, which is a foldable screen?

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