Recently, the tech giant Google’s developer Felix Krause has now discovered a serious flaw in the tech giant Apple’s iOS, which shows that even with access to the right permissions, any app can leave the user vulnerable by having indiscriminate access to the cameras.

BEWARE! iPhone Apps Can Secretly Take Your Photos And Videos At Any Time Without You Knowing

Our smartphones provide each and every information to the technology companies and this is nothing new. But a lot of people worry about devices spying on our day-to-day lives through cameras and microphones, and this concern is not just a neurosis.

As according to the tech giant Google’s developer Felix Krause, the tech giant Apple’s iOS have access to the camera and microphone of the device and may be spying on the user secretly.

These applications as soon as the user allows them to access these components of their handsets are technically able to record what the user is talking and doing at any time even though they are not making a recording at that time.

According to Krause, these apps can access the front and rear cameras of the device and upload photos and videos to their servers and are technically capable of even using the user’s facial recognition systems.

The big problem here is that because these applications rely on camera and microphone access to work, the user gives this permission even though it’s not clear that he/she can be spied on if app developers so wish.

Therefore, the only way to ensure that your camera does not record unwanted images is to cover the sensor in some way (with an adhesive, for example), removing that cover only when you want to use the camera.

But the good news is that Krause reported the fact to the tech giant Apple, and we expect the Cupertino company to review the situation, providing some solution to keep the privacy of users of iPhones and iPads.

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