Apple to introduce a wireless charging feature in its devices by 2017. Apple’s wireless charging will be safe and have no adverse effects.

Rumors were making rounds on the Internet about “When Apple is going to introduce Wireless charging in iPhones. According to Report, Apple will install this technology in its devices by 2017.

iPhone, iPad will get Wireless Charging Technology in 2017, says Report

Bloomberg reported that “Apple is working with its partners in US and Asian Continent to develop new Wireless Technology”, according to people close to the plans.

Many flagship mobile phones still do not having this feature. However, there are some problems regarding current wireless charging smartphones; as we have to keep them in the wireless charging dock, we can’t say they are entirely wireless. Another problem with the current wireless charging smartphones is that charging takes more time. Many smartphone OEMs have adopted QuickCharge technology to speed up the charging processes.

As mentioned above, the current wireless charging smartphones aren’t entirely wireless charging because we have to keep them in the charging dock to charge. However, Apple devices may have better wireless charging solutions. The Report further says that upcoming iPhones and iPads can be charged even if it is kept away from a supposed mat, making them wireless. Apple is working to avoid technical blockades or loss of power while moving out when we charge our iPhones. However, wireless charging has many adverse effects on health because power gets transmitted through Air. It seems that Apple is working to make wireless charging safe and efficient.

Apple’s sales witnessed a dip during its Q4 2015 earnings. Recently, Apple filed for copyright around its developing wireless charging technology. Apple also notified analysts about slowing growth in this quarter. However, many analysts maintain that iPhone sales will further dip if Apple doesn’t introduce new technologies in its iPhones.

So, this was all about the Wireless Charging Technology on which Apple is currently working. Many phones have this technology, but they can’t be called wireless charging devices, as discussed above. We hope you loved this article; feel free to share this with your friends.