When training an Artificial Intelligence to examine the photos, we show the Artificial Intelligence tons of samples of different things like dogs, home, land, cat etc. and apparently in the tech giant Apple’s (iPhone) case, it shows “brassieres”.

OMG! iPhone Sorts Your Semi-Bare photos In ‘BRASSIERE’ Folder

The tech giant Apple’s smartphones, of course, I am talking about iPhone uses a special algorithm to detect those photos stored in the gallery of the device where a bra is seen, and then group those images into a special folder, informs the Quartz portal.

The discovery was made by a Twitter user, who entered the Photos application, which comes pre-installed by default on the tech giant Apple’s devices, and conducted a search with the keyword ‘brassiere’. “Attention to all the girls!” Wrote the tweet, “why did Apple make a folder with those images?”

Smart Application

This program uses an artificial intelligence (AI) technology that ‘learns’ to recognize different objects and people by analyzing common graphic patterns present in numerous photos. Then, the AI associates these characteristics with a keyword, such as ‘wedding’, ‘cat’, ‘automobile’ or a contact from a social network. Thus, when the user enters one of these words, the application is able to find those photos in the gallery where the searched object is present.

Apparently, the developers decided to include the bra as one of the possible search criteria based on AI. The collaborators of Quartz decided to check the operation of this algorithm and obtained varied results.

Dress or bra?

In some cases, the application showed photos of a user wearing a dress, while ignoring other images of her friends on the beach. Although many users confirmed that the search yielded the expected result, in many cases the application included images of clothing or sports bras with thin straps.

Finally, when the program interpreted as a possible bodice a T-shirt stamped with black stripes that go from the chest to the back, passing over the shoulders, the average came to the conclusion that the Photos algorithm tends to look for similar forms to the straps.

In addition, Quartz confirmed that other platforms and intelligent image libraries, such as ImageNet and Google Photos, use similar algorithms and also include the support as one of the possible search categories.

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