We all know very well that the tech giant Apple’s new iPhone X is the most anticipated mobile phone of the moment and it will go up on pre-order in approximately one week. However, recently, a video has been posted by a Reddit user on Reddit which is showing that iPhone X will have a critical app problem.

Video: iPhone X Will Likely Have A Critical App Problem

The iPhone X is the most anticipated mobile of the moment, and it is not because we do not know its characteristics, that we could already savor in its presentation, but its arrival to the stores has been delayed until the end of this month and beginning of November. Now a new video shows that some apps are choking the iPhone X screen.

Undoubtedly the manufacture of the iPhone X is taking the street of bitterness to the signature of Cupertino, which is seeing how they have delayed its production, leaving the number of initial units at a figure much lower than the one projected for launch.

The iPhone X screen will force it to make changes to the developers

Undoubtedly one of the most criticized aspects of the iPhone X has been the “stain” of its screen where the front camera and the facial scanner, along with other sensors, are housed. A spot that for example when viewing videos will cover part of the footage on one side, something that may seem “cool” to some, but that is not at all. And something similar can happen with many apps, when displayed on the screen of the iPhone X you will see how part of its surface will be covered by this frontal stain.

Something that can be verified in the video we have known today shared by a user of Reddit, and that shows us a colorful iPhone X white. When it turns around the device, we can see how the user runs Instagram, at which point we can check, yes, fleetingly for the short of the video, how the top of the application does not fit exactly the measures of the screen of the iPhone X. Rather it does not fit the black stain, which covers a small part of the interface of the application.

This is not a big mistake, but it is clear that aesthetically does not give the best picture. And if we consider that this happens with an app as large and with as many resources as Instagram, what will not see with the rest of thousands of apps from other more modest developers. Because we talk about having to modify all those apps to fit the top spot of the screen, and that in no case this is an essential area of the interface. We will see if in the coming weeks we do not encounter more problems of this type.

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