We all know very well that the tech giant Apple just launched its most awaited and flagship device, of course, the iPhone X that recently arrived at stores. However, today in this article I will show you an iPhone X torture test video that will blow your mind.

Apple iPhone X Undergoes Torture Test, Shows Only One Flaw

Undoubtedly we are facing one of the most anticipated endurance tests of recent months, and all because its protagonist is the new flagship of the tech giant Apple, the iPhone X, which recently, came to stores in very small amounts. Let’s move on to know this endurance test of the iPhone X in a video.

This new video gives us, where the tech giant Apple’s, iPhone X is subjected to real vandalism to test the resistance of the new device, which certainly has not been designed for extreme use, especially for its rear glass.

In the first test, punches of different intensities are passed, which end up leaving an imprint on the screen, although to a lesser extent than in other mobiles that we have seen. The punches and the blade do not get much havoc when trying to scratch the back of the device.

Something that also happens with the metal frame of the iPhone X or with the lens of the camera, which suffers little damage at the hands of the blade, at least much lower than what we have seen in other devices within these tests.

It is clear that we have to do a lot of strength so that the metal frame of the iPhone X suffers some damage. Another aspect that resists quite well is the screen when it burns with the lighter, at least it does not deform too much, and only a few seconds remains a clearer mark on this part of the panel, as discolored.

The last test is precisely the one that originated the ease of the iPhone to fold in the pocket of the pants. A test that the iPhone X has overcome with a note, to not suffer any damage. As you can see after trying to fold it several times, the iPhone X practically does not warp, which does not cause damage or breakage of the case, as we have seen in other devices.

Of course, the summary of this test of endurance of the iPhone X is that despite its fragile appearance, it is one of the toughest mobiles on the market, something that is true that is also to be expected in a mobile of its high price.

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