We all know very well that Reliance Jio had dominated the Indian telecom sector by providing mind-blowing offers at a very cheap price. However, after launching 4G feature phones, now it seems that the Reliance Jio has launched its Jio 4G laptop whose online booking or registration are going on for only Rs.5000.

Reliance Jio Just Launched Jio 4G Laptop For Rs.5000 – Buy Now

Reliance Jio, the telecom company which had dominated the Indian telecom sector by providing mind-blowing offers at a very cheap price. As earlier we saw that how the giant telecom operator Reliance Jio launched what it calls a ‘Triple Cashback Scheme‘.

However, now it seems that the mobile phone users in India, especially the millions who use feature phones for 2G calls are in for a treat. The recent reports claim that three major telecom operators in India, Bharti Airtel, Vodafone, Idea Cellular are working with smartphone companies to launch a 4G smartphone.

Well, a 4G smartphone is not an extraordinary thing nowadays, the world is looking forward to 5G now. However, the top three telecom operators are planning to launch a 4G smartphone which might be as low as Rs 500 – and offer them with bundled voice and data plans for Rs 60-70 a month.

The approach is completely different from Reliance Jio’s strategy of subsidizing 4G feature phones and is aimed at countering the latest Rs 49 monthly plan for JioPhone users.

Well, it’s worth to note that such low price smartphones bundled with voice and data plans will hurt APRU (Average Revenue per user) in the near term, but the telecom operator thinks that it will retain their users and upgrade them to smartphones to increase data consumptions in a long run.

An executive at one of the telcos said “We will gear towards low-cost smartphones via alliances. Smartphones are expected to become cheaper, so for an offering with them, it makes more sense than setting up our own phones”.

However, now apart from the offers and the smartphone of the giant telecom operator Reliance Jio, it seems that now it wants to launch 4G laptops at an amazingly cheap price. Yes, you heard it right, now after providing tons of offers and launching feature phone, the giant telecom operator Reliance Jio wants to launch 4G laptops.

According to the few web sources, this Jio 4G laptop will cost you only Rs.5,000 only. However, we will suggest you to not pay any advance payments for bookings. As the giant telecom operator has not yet officially announced anything about this and its price. As according to the reports of well-known web sources, the expected price tag of Jio 4G laptop will be Rs.15,000, so, frauded by this types scams.

However, now if we talk about the specs of this laptop then let clarify that this Jio 4G laptop will have a 4G SIM card slot simply to give 4G connectivity. This laptop has 13.3-inch full HD display and aspect ratio of 16:9, the display will be 1920 × 1080 pixels, while the internal memory will be 64GB of eMMC and 128GB SSD.

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