As we all know very well that Reliance Jio is clearly dominating the Indian telecom market and now it has collaborated with the tech giant Google to launch affordable 4G VoLTE enabled smartphone.

Reliance Jio And Google To Launch Affordable 4G VoLTE Smartphone

As we all know very well that Reliance Jio is clearly dominating the Indian telecom market, along with the telecom market Reliance Jio’s Lyf smartphones have also been selling in India for quite a few months now, but, the company still needs to hit the rural and small markets for its data services and mobile business.

Hence, after taking the telecom sector with a storm, now Reliance Jio which is mainly known for its high-speed free internet, free voice calls and SMS is preparing to launch new affordable 4G VoLTE smartphone, but this time Reliance Jio is working with the tech giant Google to launch this smartphone.

Yes, it may sound bit odd but, it’s true, and according to the reliable sources, the phone is expected to be launched before the end of this year (2017). The tech giant Google branding will simply help Reliance Jio to boost their plans to sell affordable 4G VoLTE enabled handsets through which it will simply reach a wider market.

The CEO of the Greyhound Research, Sanchit Gogia said that “For the tech giant Google, this would mean access to a large number of new users who would be connecting to the internet for the first time. It may also help the company assess its low-cost handset strategy”.

What is “low-cost handset strategy” mean? Yes, it means that the tech giant Google will again be able to reattempt the “Android One,” but this time the tech giant Google decided to do so with just one player.

Apart from these things, if we talk about the design and manufacturing department then let me clear that the tech giant Google will simply manage the design, development, marketing, and support segment. While the whole manufacturing segment will be simply carried out by the partnering original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Furthermore, the founder and partner at Convergence Catalyst, Jayanth Kolla said that “Android One had too many OEM partners, with each phone from every brand looking exactly the same, leaving no distinction for the vendor. Moreover, at the same time, Chinese players like Xiaomi launched their phones at the similar price with a lot more features, essentially killing the idea of Android One completely”.

So, what do you think about this new partnership? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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