Recently, the CEO of MGT Capital Investments John Mcafee has posted the first prototype image of the secure smartphone named as “John McAfee Privacy phone” and not only that even the device run on the Android operating system but with several layers of security.

John McAfee Teases Pic Of His ‘World’s First Truly Private Smartphone’

John McAfee, one of the most controversial in the technology sector and a pioneer in cyber security, has revealed more information about the project he is currently fully involved in the development of an ultra-safe smartphone.

Through an entry in his personal blog, John McAfee has published the keys that will achieve its mission with the mobile of which so far we do not know the name.

It is clear that being a first version that will arrive later this year, it is not “completely hack-proof”, however, the security of the same is light years of the implemented in similar as the Blackphone. He also said that the second version will be ready for 2019.

As if we talk about the software, then it would be based on Android but with several layers of security developed specifically for this mobile. As for the internal components, they are still unknown as the rest of their specifications. Despite this, McAfee itself highlights a security-related function of the mobile:-

The mobile phone has switches on the back that will allow the user to physically disconnect the battery, WiFi antennas, Bluetooth and GPS, camera and microphone, etc. Nor will it allow you to connect to a Stingray or any other IMSI catcher.

A few days ago, McAfee himself shared an image where he showed what looks like a prototype of his secure smartphone and in the photo, his name is visible on the top edge, it has been confirmed that the name that could get to be the one of Privacy Phone.

McAfee has said that to develop this mobile has done what they do best, which is “designing the best product in the world” and has given it to the best hackers they know so they will try to hack it. The hackers managed to breach it but it was difficult, although McAfee says that this is not enough by its standards.

However, if we talk about the price then the Privacy Phone could be priced at $ 350 depending on the specifications and could be distributed on a limited basis (160,000). So, what do you think about this new Privacy Phone? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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