We all know that the relations between Kaspersky and the tech giant Microsoft have never been peaceful, but in recent months have worsened. However, recently, Kaspersky files antitrust complaints against Microsoft.

Kaspersky Files Antitrust Complaints Against Microsoft

Relations between Kaspersky and Microsoft have never been peaceful, but in recent months have worsened, with multi-level accusations always related to the Microsoft antivirus.

To try to eliminate this problem, opening up space for its antivirus software, Eugene Kaspersky has now revealed that he has filed a complaint against Microsoft, accusing it of abusing its dominant position and using anti-competitive practices.

After last year complaining of Microsoft to Russia’s Federal Anti-Monopoly Service, Eugene Kaspersky has now revealed that he has taken the same proceedings in Europe and has filed a formal complaint in the European Commission and in Germany against Microsoft, accusing it of anti-competition.

The arguments of Kaspersky

The arguments put forward for this complaint are based on how Microsoft and Windows 10 are treating competing antiviruses, disabling them and even removing them from systems with each new update.

On the other hand, according to Eugene Kaspersky, Microsoft’s security offer, Windows Defender, can not be completely disabled and is being imposed on Windows users.

In the text, he posted on Kaspersky’s website, the founder of this security company asks that Microsoft should be stopped and stop misleading and misinforming users, giving space for all security solutions to be used.

“We want Microsoft to stop misleading and misinforming users. We want to see all security solutions being able to work on the Windows platform on a level playing field. And we want to see users being able to decide for themselves what they want and consider important to them”.

Eugene Kaspersky also complained that Windows RTM scanning times have dropped significantly in recent years, not giving security companies time to upgrade their products to these new releases.

Microsoft’s response

Of course, Microsoft has already responded to this charge by Kaspersky. According to the company, its security solution and Windows 10 comply with all competition rules and are therefore ready to respond to any question from regulators.

“Microsoft’s primary objective is to keep customers protected … We are confident that the security features of Windows 10 comply with competition laws. And we will answer any questions you may have”.

The tech giant Microsoft has returned the blame to Kaspersky, accusing it of failing to respond to the various requests it has made over the months to address this issue.

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