The Chinese smartphone company LeEco has unveiled amusing and exotic product called Le Syvrac. This mountain bicycle runs on Android operating system. It has 4GB Ram and laser pointers, heart rate sensor and inbuilt speaker and camera.

LeEco Bicycle Has 4GB Ram and is Powered By Android

This mountain bike runs on Google Android, it also sports laser pointers. It can be used as smartphone and mountain bike, it sports 4.0 inch display nestled in between the handlebars and packs a 4GB Ram. It also lets you to make calls and send messages. It has a 1.3GHz processor, heart rate sensor, camera with speaker, alarm system and other amazing features. It sprouts red laser beams onto to the road which intercepts drivers from getting too close.

Interestingly, the handlebars have inbuilt indicator lights which we you have seen in vehicles. You can tap a button on the handle and it will wink to show you the direction you are going. One the handlebar, there are several buttons which helps you to control the music. Red laser in the bicycle is very useful especially when you are riding your bicycle during night as it turns red laser shines on from left and right side of the bike, alerting bike and car rider to maintain a safe distance.

The LeEco Le Syvrac is already on Sale in China for $800, and is expected to reach US later this year and apparently to the other parts of the world after that.


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