We all know very well that almost no profession will be immune to advances in artificial intelligence. Hence, recently, the tech giant Lenovo has just unveiled its own smart Virtual Assistant and other Artificial Intelligence Powered smart devices.

Lenovo Just Unveiled Its AI And Other AI-Powered Smart Devices

Virtual assistants have come to stay and are increasingly used on a day to day basis to help users. The leading brands in the market have their offer ready to use, but others are emerging and showing their potential.

Lenovo is the latest brand to showcase its virtual assistant and what it’s worth. The CAVA has now been presented and will soon be accessible on all branded equipment. But there is much more to discover.

It was at Lenovo Tech World that the brand introduced several new features where it has been working and where it will focus in the coming years. CAVA, the virtual assistant was a presence, but Lenovo showed much more news.

CAVA: Lenovo’s new virtual assistant

CAVA is one of the latest news from Lenovo. This virtual assistant was created to combat with the already existing ones in the market, has many characteristics similar to Cortana, Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, and others.

According to Lenovo, CAVA uses face recognition based on machine learning and natural language recognition technologies for speech uses to manage the user’s everyday elements and habits.

Using NLP technology, it tries to understand the meaning of the messages and, based on it, tries to make recommendations about the calendar. It can help the user to arrive on time to their appointments, indicating the best time of departure, analyzing the time and the traffic.

DaystAR: The virtual reality of Lenovo

The daystAR is a device for AR that has included a vision processing unit and lenses that guarantee a viewing angle of 40 degrees. Completely independent of other devices, daystAR allows you to use Lenovo’s AR content creation platform to build applications for the industry.


With services with Cloud Object Recognition, Remote Assistance, Multiplayer Interaction and 3D Content Manager you will be able to scan, upload and edit 3D content on this platform.

SmartCast+: The Lenovo Interactive Speaker

Lenovo also introduced a new concept, called SmartCast+. This intelligent speaker can respond to your voice, but you can also recognize objects and present augmented reality experiences.


It will come equipped with a storytelling module that will allow children to learn other efficient things by presenting illustrations and captions for this learning.

All of these products are still in the company’s R & D labs, so do not be expecting them to be on the market soon. They show, however, that the company is attentive to what the market is looking for and that’s why it is creating products that will one day reach all of us.

So, what do you think about these smart and efficient creations? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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