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At an event on 11th July 2017, the South Korean tech giant  LG is expected to unveil their new flagship device, the LG Q6, which is said to be the same looking variant as the LG G6. A 16-second long trailer hints us to this particular device but it says at the end, ” Need Full Vision?”

LG Showed Us Its New LG Q6 In A Video Teaser Just Before Its Launch

LG has been teasing us for a long time about its upcoming smartphone called the LG Q6. The rumors also gave us some of the key information. Especially after it crossed on the benchmarks with a Snapdragon 430 CPU.

Now we have a video teaser of the phone Q6 by LG which will be Officially confirmed by the company on July 11. The 16-second long teaser doesn’t hint to this particular device but it says at the end, ” Need Full Vision?”. This indicates that the Device Q6 still has the same look as the LG G6 with the same bezel-less Frame.

The LG Q6 is expected to have a pack a smaller 5.4-inch display to the front with an aspect ratio of 18:9. The device is also likely to have the Snapdragon 430 SoC chipset. It is expected that the device will come with a 3GB of RAM, which in my opinion is a great thing done by the company ( If it comes with 3GB of Ram). The software version for the phone will be the Android 7.1.1 Nougat onboard which is pretty much expected as of the date and have a 13 MP camera to the back for some good images and portraits.

Here Is The Video Teaser By LG:

Notably, it would be a mini version of LG G6 which was a flagship phone launched this year. The company planned to launch its mini version and so we are expecting have a same look in the mini LG G6 ( so called LG Q6 ), but there will be some difference the specifications with some minor changes and tweaks here and there. Last year, the company launched the LG G5 SE as the mini variant of the LG G5. This year, it is rumored that the LG G6’s mini version would be the LG Q6 which will be announced today 11th of July 2017.What intrigues me is the pricing. If LG manages to price the device well, the Korean company can expect some good sales as this would be the only widely available mid-range Full-Vision phone. The phone will be announced in Europe and then make its way to other countries.

Well, as the phone is not officially announced so we don’t know what would be the pricing of the phone. If LG manages to price the device well under a budget that would be a better for their company as well as their sales. The South Korean company can expect some good sales as the phone would be available all around the globe. The phone will be announced in Europe and then make its way to other countries.So, for the time being, we all have to wait for the official release today and then only we can have a verdict on it.

So, guys whats your thought on this? do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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