Lineage OS Official Builds Coming To 80+ Devices
Lineage OS Official Builds Coming To 80+ Devices

Recently, we all read the news articles that “It’s official, CyanogenMod Is Dead”. But, don’t worry, the new Lineage OS arrived, the CyanogenMod project replacement and its official build coming to 80+ devices.

Lineage OS Official Builds Coming To 80+ Devices

The company Cyanogen Inc. (cyng), responsible for Cyanogen OS, announced that it would shut down all its services and development for Android ROMs (both nightlies versions marked as stable), as from the 31st December 2016.

Wasting no time, a group of programmers and developers have created a fork of CyanogenMod, which they named Lineage OS (Lineage Android OS Distribution). In recent days, some images have been made available.

As a successor appeared Lineage OS which, according to the project managers, will be available for 80 different devices.

Lineage OS is the successor project of CyanogenMod, which is already present in more than 50 thousand devices. For now, the equipment still has unofficial versions but, according to those responsible for the project, the official versions will soon arrive, and the most fantastic thing is that there will be ROMs for more than 80 different Android devices.

Another of the novelties is that these ROMs can have weekly updates. Those responsible for the Lineage OS project also suggest that a clean installation of this system should be done, which means that the device should be formatted.

According to the information, as of this weekend, some official ROMs are already available. Be attend to Downloads portal that is available here.


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