Being LineageOS a new ROM in the Android world, it was not sure that it could occupy a prominent place. However, recently its portal shows that it has already passed 500,000 active installs worldwide which shows that it has really occupied a prominent place in the Android world.

LineageOS Passes 500,000 Active Installs Worldwide

When the team responsible for the development of ROM CyanogenMod announced its end, many believed that there would hardly be an alternative solution with the quality that this ROM had.

These doubts quickly dissipated with the arrival of LineageOS. The continuation of the work done in CyanogenMod was guaranteed, and today there are more than 500 thousand active installations of this new ROM.

Being LineageOS a new ROM in the Android world, it was not sure that it could occupy a prominent place. It needed to gain the confidence of the users and, mainly, to guarantee that it was developed to constant form and for more and more devices.

The number of 500 thousand installations proves that it can maintain the spirit and the acceptance that CyanogenMod had, being the natural heir. Its base was the ROM of Cyanogen, but today it already has an identity and a community of its own.

The statistics page of LineageOS reveals that there is already a total of more than 5,41,375 active installations. This number was obtained at the time this article was written, and grows steadily, with more and more users choosing to install this ROM.

The list of devices where this ROM is most commonly used is headed by OnePlus One (bacon) with more than 41,000 installations. The list follows with Redmi Note 3 (kenzo), OnePlus 3/3T (oneplus3) and the international version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 (i9300). While our country INDIA ranks 2nd position in the list of countries where LineageOS has already been installed.

Part of the success of this ROM is even in the way it took over as the successor to the Cyanogen ROM. Most of the old users eventually transitioned to LineageOS to ensure constant updates.

In all, LineageOS is already available for more than 40 devices, a number that is often increased. Also, the new versions come up frequently, showing the work done and the commitment of the community that supports it.


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