We are yet to know about the launch date of Logitech’s Cloud Gaming handheld, but now we know what it will look like. At the beginning of this month, Tencent and Logitech unveiled the presence of this device.

As its, some of the images in prominent quality have been leaked by the reliable leaker. These images show its clear look from all angles, and with a glance of it, leaker also provided some significant details.

Logitech’s Upcoming Handheld Will Run On Android

Logitech's Upcoming Handheld Will Run On Android
Image: Evan Blass

It’s been just a month since Logitech announced that it is working on a new dedicated handheld for Cloud Gaming, and on Tuesday, well-known leaker Evan Blass leaked its exclusive pictures.

As you can see, the above images show handheld in white and black color design and have yellow colored joysticks back and an interface button.

And now we can’t doubt this leak because the officials have given a copyright strike on these images, which proves that these images hold very strong references.

It looks the same as every other handheld, but as Tencent and Logitech say, it’s a dedicated handheld for rising Cloud Gaming, so it would have major configuration related to this segment.

Besides, Evan also leaked another image of its device catalog, which seems to be related to Google as the handheld will run on Android 11, which means it can run more than steaming, such as Chrome and YouTube.

While Evan’s images also proved that it would come with the support of Google Play Store, which will make it easier to play mobile games on it.

And in the future, we might also have more support regarding games and graphic improvement as Google Play Games also come on PC. And the image is also showing connectivity with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Besides, some other details also surfaced about this handheld, such as it could have 3.7-3.8GB RAM and 1080×1920 screen resolution.

This device is marked as a Phone in the docs, so it will have a phone-based GPU, Qualcomm Adreno 618.

Currently, there is no information about its launch date, but it is highly expected to arrive later this year as the images show the company is ready to launch it.


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