Let’s have a look at the guide to Make Calls and Texts from your Smartphone Without Cell Service with the help of simple Google services. So let’s have a look at complete guide discussed below to proceed.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his is obvious that for making the calls or text messaging over your device you require to have the network carrier access. Without any network from the provider, you would not be able to perform the above two tasks. Now, this was the options for the users working with the previous versions of the technology. For the latest technology, there has been a way found to let the users help connect to the other people for calling or text all without any cell service. If you are the owner of any latest smartphone or any compatible smartphone then this is easy enough for you to grip the facility of making calls and text messaging without cell service. This could be difficult for the users to know about the way to gain this functionality over their devices, therefore they would require learning through the method. We have written almost everything to introduce you and make the clear view about the topic of this post, now we are to share you with the exact method of making the calls and text from your smartphone without cell service. Those geeks who are willing to know about the same method they could remain on the page, make sure to read up to the end of this post so as to get the fullest information about the method. Now its time to start up with the main part of this article, keep on reading below for the same!

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How to Make Calls and Texts from your Smartphone Without Cell Service

The method is quite straight and you just need to use one of the Google services that will help you to make calls and text easily even without cell services. So follow up the below step by step guide to the proceeding. And for this, the requirements are Google Account, Google Voice Number, Google Hangouts App, Hangouts Dialer. Let’s proceed to below after getting this on your device.

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Steps to Make Calls and Texts from your Smartphone Without Cell Service:

#1 The very first step to begin with the method is to set up the Google Voice Account. This is as per the most important requirement as without this you would not be able to start up with the method. If you have done this step then proceed further so as to make up the function.

Make Calls and Texts from your Smartphone Without Cell Service
Make Calls and Texts from your Smartphone Without Cell Service

#2 Also fill your device with all of the apps and the accounts as per the requirements. Done that? Good, so now fire up the Hangouts app. This is the app that would be used to handle all of the tasks related to the method. Each of the settings shall also be handled through this app. You would be able to set this app easily.

#3 Move ahead to this step and open up the menu on the left side of the hangouts. This could be done by pressing the three lines in the left side corner. If you are on Android simply choose your account from the settings and then find up the Google Voice section. On the iOS devices, the users have to reach to the Phone Number section of the settings.

Make Calls and Texts from your Smartphone Without Cell Service
Make Calls and Texts from your Smartphone Without Cell Service

#4 Seek and enable the Incoming Phone Calls option inside the above settings page. You also have to turn on the toggle for the Messages option on the same page. Both of these options avail the access to the incoming messages or calls over the hangouts. Go back to the main settings page and then click on the Answer on Lock Screen toggle so as to enable the same functions of the app even in the lock screen mode.

#5 Just start to use the hangouts for both calling and messaging, you shall be able to do the normal calls and conversation but this would be done through internet and not through any cell service.

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This is the ending edge of this article and to this verdict, we have provided you with the method to make calls and texts right from the smartphone without utilizing the cell service. This method is written in such a way that the information provided is conveyed to you in an easy and direct manner without any bloats. Hopefully, you would have liked the article and the information dubbed here and this should be really helpful to you. You would be willing to describe your experience with this article and the information provided here, for that purpose we have the section under here. Just log on to the comments section and you could share your opinions as well as suggestions regarding the post. Please try to share this post with others so that the information of this post could be shared to most of the users. At last thanks for reading this article!


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