Using this trick, you make a hidden Facebook account (Facebook timeline will not display when visited). If you are using an invisible Facebook page trick, then make a Facebook page with no name.

Steps To Make Invisible Profile or Page on Facebook

Steps to make a hidden or invisible account on Facebook,

  1. Create a New Facebook Profile
  2. Active your email address and verify your mobile number to set a username.
  3. Open Facebook Via “
  4. Enter spaces at the beginning of the username field.
  5. Click check availability.
  6. Click on set username; mostly, the page will stay blank. But the trick works, and we are done.

Demo account:

Make Invisible Page on Facebook:

For this, you have to follow the following steps to make a Facebook page with no name,

  1. First of all, click here to create your new Facebook page.
  2. Select a Category. Example- Entertainment and after that choose a category.
  3. Copy the code inside the brackets [᠌ ᠌ ᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌] and paste in the name field.
  4. Click on I agree to Facebook Pages Terms and then Get Started.

Above is two facebook tricks how to make invisible/hidden profile or page on Facebook. If you want more best facebook tricks, hacks share this post, stay connected for more Facebook and other tricks, hacks, and tips; if you face any problem, feel free to discuss in the below comments.


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