YouTuber TechRax is back again with all new stunt. This time, TechRax threw the iPhone 7 Plus off the tallest building in the world.

OMG! Man Throws his iPhone 7 Plus Off the World’s Tallest Building

Do you remember YouTube user TechRax, who recently posted a tutorial on how to drill a headphone jack into the iPhone 7? The video went viral and some of dumb iPhone 7 users also drilled their new iPhone 7 in order to get the headphone jack.

And he is back again with a new video and this latest stunt takes him to the top of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which is tallest in the world at 2,722 feet. But one thing I want to mention here before I continue to the story that Youtuber TechRax likes to buy expensive gadgets and destroy them for views.

So, in this new video TechRax brings a brand new iPhone 7 Plus up to the observation deck on the 148th floor and after some quick show and tell to prove it was real iPhone 7 Plus and then he throws his iPhone 7 plus from the top.

After throwing the phone TechRax tracked its location but it went offline immediately, so it likely exploded on impact. TechRax in the video said, “‘The only thing I can state at this point, is that this thing is fried.”

“It’s completely destroyed. The impact hit it to the point that I can’t track it.” Many viewers commented on the video and some of them claimed that this type of stunt can even kill someone. Imagine what if the iPhone 7 plus felt onto someone down below? it can hurt them severely.

The Youtube video already got more than 1,430,000 views and also received some hilarious comments. Some of the comments are:

CP3 LBJ MELO DWADE SUPERTEAM wrote “why would u call this a drop test when u know it will break unless it’s a nokia”

Ascotch1 wrote “Why wouldn’t you just have the other guy wait at the bottom to see where it landed”

QuickSilver Modding Team wrote “So that’s the phone that killed my grandma.”

Enmanuel Tavarez wrote “So whats the point of this video?”

hitesh s wrote “are these guys mad paying so much money on iPhone and throwing and wasting”

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