We all know very well that with the launch of the iPhone X, the tech giant Apple took the first step to make its smartphone range more aesthetically evolved, eliminating the huge frames that marked the previous models. However, now according to the latest reports, today in this article I will show you all the 2019 iPhone X models (Video).

Meet The 2019 iPhone X Models (VIDEO)

As it is tradition, the month of September is marked by the announcement of the new iPhone. Last year, the iPhone X was the main protagonist to stand out from the fashion in the last generations and to present a screen to occupy much of the front display, but with the presence of the famous ‘Notch’.

This year the rumors and leaks of information indicate that, in addition to the successor to the iPhone X, two more models will be released and one of them could reach a new record at the price. Even the physical models of the new models are already circulating.

With the launch of the iPhone X, the tech giant Apple took the first step to make its smartphone range more aesthetically evolved, eliminating the huge frames that marked the previous models.

Since then it has been speculated on the possibility of the tech giant Apple extending this evolution to all other models in its range. Well, this is almost certain to happen this year.

Three models will be released this year

It appears that the successor to iPhone X will be announced, as we have expected. Nevertheless, the tech giant Apple will take charge this year a real onslaught on the screens with thin frames and will present a Plus model of the iPhone X and a cheaper model or lite model.

iPhone X Plus

Obviously, the naming of the new iPhone is completely unknown until the tech giant Apple’s own confirmation arrives, but given Cupertino’s brand history, this larger model is expected to be called iPhone X Plus.

In addition to the new processor and the general improvements that the tech giant Apple usually uses in their models every year, the Plus model will feature a 6.5-inch OLED screen on a body that will be very similar in size to the iPhone 8 Plus.

In terms of design, this will not change much of what we find in the current iPhone X. The confirmation of the camera will be the same, with the same extension, the notch will not change although it is expected to implement an upgrade in FaceID that will make it more advanced, secure and efficient.

As for the price, it is expected that this iPhone X Plus will be even more expensive than the conventional iPhone X so we are facing a new maximum price on an iPhone, something that had already been beaten last year with the launch of the iPhone X.

iPhone X Lite

The big bet for 2019, which is expected to be the biggest selling success of the entire range, will be a low-cost iPhone X. The concept will be the same, a smartphone with a full-screen display with the famous notch and it is expected that the processor and other components are mostly coming from older siblings.

However, some commitments will be made in order to achieve a lower price than the current model that we find in the market. The screen present in this “Lite” or low-cost model will be a 6.1-inch LCD, instead of the OLED screen that is present in the other models.

In addition, due to the presence of the LCD screen, the margins on the front panel will be slightly larger, reaching 2mm. Even so, we will have an excellent use of the front area but we will not be able to keep up with the rest of Apple’s range.

Another parameter in which adjustments have been made relates to the rear camera. The current iPhone X, its successor, and the future Plus model will be equipped with a dual camera. This is not true in the case of “Lite” model, which has only one sensor. Yes, in the lite model we will lose the 12MP telephoto lens.

In order to distinguish this new iPhone from, iPhone 8, the tech giant Apple has placed the flash under the camera. The placement of the LED flash under the camera also follows the line implemented in iPhone X, where the flash is placed between the dual camera.

This model will also feature FaceID but is estimated to be the generation that powers the current iPhone X, while the other two models that will be introduced next month will already have a new generation of facial recognition technology created by the tech giant Apple.

In aesthetic terms, this cheaper model will also stand out for its color palette. As the “Lite” iPhone is expected to be available in up to eight colors, including the obvious white and black, but also orange, yellow, and blue.

With the availability of these two videos by YouTuber EverythingApplePro and MKBHD, we get a much more concrete view of the design and other features of the next generation iPhone.

It is not an extraordinary evolution compared to the one presented last year but confirms that the tech giant Apple wants to continue with the concept of the iPhone X and extend it to all its range of smartphones.

So, what do you think about this three models that will be presented next month? And what has aroused more interest and what features are you curious to test? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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