As we all know, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, often translated as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and commonly known as ISIS, is a Salafi-jihadist militant group that follows an Islamic fundamentalist the Wahhabi doctrine of Sunni Islam. Recently a Robin Hood hacker donated $11000 to the Anti-ISIS group to fight ISIS.

Meet Robin Hood Hacker Who Donates $11000 To Anti-ISIS Group

A hacker, Phineas Fisher, donated $ 11,000 stolen Bitcoin to help the Anti-ISIS group to fight ISIS. The hacker, who goes by the pseudonyms Phineas Fisher and Hack Back, claimed responsibility for both the Gamma team group’s breaches and piracy. He revealed to Reddit that he hacked a bank and donated the money to a Kurdish region of Syria. Hence, the hacker described it as “one of the most inspiring revolutionary projects in the world today.”

Robin Hood hacker Phineas Fisher wrote in a Reddit post that “The money did come from robbing a bank. Bank robbing is more viable than ever; it’s just done these days differently”.

The hacker Phineas Fisher refuses to give any further details about which bank was targeted by him, suggesting rather too much larger donations to come. Hence, the hacker Phineas Fisher said that “There’s hopefully a few orders of magnitude on the way.”

Phineas Fisher ought previously alleged liability for striking a provocative firm that trades spying devices to the governments. Hence, the Hacking Team was breached in 2015, which exposed more than 400GB of highly raw data about the clients and transactions.

Moreover, the Robin Hood hacker Phineas Fisher has also published a “DIY Guide to Hacking” that describes his motives for targeting the Hacking Team. Hence, the hacker Phineas Fisher inscribes in the guide that “Hacker culture was born in the U.S. as a counterculture, but that origin only remains in its aesthetics—the rest has been assimilated. At least they can wear a t-shirt, dye their hair blue, use their hacker names, and feel like rebels while they work for the Man”.

Also addressed that “You used to sneak into offices to leak documents. And need a gun to rob a bank. Now you can do both from bed with a laptop in your hand”.

As the social news networking service users and news website Reddit summoned the Robin Hood hacker Phineas Fisher, a hero, just for his effort and supported the related fund confiscation from banks to good causes.

The Robin Hood hacker Phineas Fisher also stated in his DIY Guide to Hacking that, “Unfortunately, our world is behind. As you get rich by doing bad things and go to jail for doing good things”.


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