We all know very well that the smartphone market is clearly dominated by two operating systems, of course, the well-known and popular mobile OSs, Android and iOS. These are the obvious choices, by the supply that exists and by the evidence given.

Meet The Plasma Mobile And Purism’s ‘Truly Free’ Smartphone

The smartphone market is dominated by two operating systems, of course, well-known and popular mobile OS, Android and iOS. These are the obvious choices, by the supply that exists and by the evidence given. However, there are other systems are also present, much less used, that end up not captivating users.

Something that’s been asked for a long time that Linux is an alternative. After some ideas that did not avenge, a new one seems to prepare to arrive, at the hands of KDE.

The idea of a smartphone based on open source software and completely open has already been a few years. Already several companies have tried to create a system that fits this definition, always with the idea of becoming truly free and without the control of a large company.

Canonical had a version of Ubuntu created for these platforms, but ended up not being able to take it far, having only been released in 2 or 3 devices, that never been able to take any revenge.

There is, however, a new player that may be coming soon. Purism has now joined KDE to create a truly usable system with a user-friendly interface. In addition to Purism hardware, KDE will deliver Plasma Mobile, the mobile version of its interface, and both will deliver Librem 5.

Librem 5, which is currently in a fund-raising campaign https://puri.sm/shop/librem-5/, so that it can move into production, and it is intended to be more secure simply to keep users’ privacy and their data invulnerable.

The presence of KDE is important because it is, for now, the only interface that has been created, based on a mobile version. It also shows the commitment of Purism, since KDE only makes this version available for hardware that does not depend on the manufacturer’s software to work.

Librem 5 may be another major competitor in the smartphone market. There is a long way to go for a fully Linux-based machine, open and proficient at the level of competitors, and this may well be the expected move.

So, what do you think about this new secure smartphone? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment system below.


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