Meet The World's First 'Death Machine'
Meet The World's First 'Death Machine'

Have you ever thought what your death will be like? How would you commit suicide? It is human to think about death, precisely because it is part of our life and reaches us all sooner or later. However, now today in this article I will show you the world’s first Death Machine, yes, you heard it right, I am talking about the ‘Death Machine’.

Meet The World’s First ‘Death Machine’

Have you ever thought what your death will be like? How would you commit suicide? It is human to think about death, precisely because it is part of our life and reaches us all sooner or later. Of course, if we could choose, we would all prefer it to be quick and painless, simply by pressing a button.

Somebody has gotten the same head and made it a reality. That person is dr. Philip Nitschke, who is nicknamed not without reason, doctor death. This is the first suicide machine that exists and as befits the current times, it is made by 3D printing and its name is Sarco and comes from sarcophagus.

If you wanted to make use of it, you would only have to travel to Amsterdam today, because it is fully operational, after being presented at the funeral fair in the Dutch capital. Yes, there are fairs for all types of industries and the funeral is no exception.

How to take your own life is something that can only be done once, better think twice. To test what it feels like, you can experience it yourself by living a virtual reality experience with VR glasses and getting inside a real reproduction of this capsule for death to make the experience more realistic.

Sarco, the first free and universal suicide machine

Dr. Nitschke plans to bring assisted death to the whole world by uploading the plans of the Sarco death capsule to the Internet next year so that anyone can download and print them in 3D to move to another world in a peaceful, quick and painless way.

Of course, if you want to do it you will have to fill out an online test to verify that you are in full mental faculties. Yes, the future was this. If you approve it, you will have a valid access code for 24 hours to get the plans.

But how does Sarco work? Through hypoxia, or what is the same, reducing the amount of oxygen needed to breathe by injecting liquid nitrogen into the compartment. In this way, first the brain and then the rest of the body begins to go out: confusion, agitated and choppy breathing, sweating, increased pulsations, and finally, consciousness is lost.

It does not sound very good, but the doctor assures that it is a process of less than a minute, to die with “style and elegance”. To activate the process, just go into Sarco, lie down and press the button when we are ready. Philip Nitschke explains it for Huffington Post:-

“Sarco death is painless. There are no hot flashes or suffocation because the oxygen level drops slowly. The feeling is of well-being and intoxication.”

Of course, this is in theory, because after all, Nitschke has not tried it to be able to explain it accurately. Another of the benefits of Sarco is that once used, it is completely biodegradable, like the corpse.

Philip Nitschke is known as the Elon Musk of assisted suicide, both for his creativity and his peculiar way of understanding life and death. In fact, in 1996 he carried out his first euthanasia and firmly believes in assisted suicide. For Nitschke, Sarco helps people talk about death from a natural and practical point of view, without fear.

However, someone had to do it: death is a vital issue that is already legal in places like Victoria, in Australia and many people believe in the right to end life in a dignified and voluntary way.

So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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