We all know YouTube is undoubtedly one of the largest video sharing platforms of Internet. But, it has many restrictions, hence, today we will present a YouTube powered by BitTorrent with no censorship.

Meet The YouTube Powered By BitTorrent With No Censorship

YouTube is undoubtedly one of the largest video sharing platforms of Internet. Google’s streaming service attracts one billion visitors each month, with many of them interested in viewing original content produced by creators. These creators, however, face rules governing what content can upload and monetize and service conditions that caused many of its top stars wanted to leave.

Amid all this appears an alternative platform called BitChute, which works driven by the BitTorrent network and seeks to give freedom to the original creators of content, according to reports from TorrentFreak. The web has a distribution and controls similar to YouTube, a comment section and a system of visits very similar to the video service of Google, YouTube.

Bitchute is a platform created by Ray Vahey simply to provide a video sharing platform which is free from censorship or any government rules. The best thing about this platform is that it simply uses the WebTorrent which works totally in a Peer-to-peer mode over the BitTorrent’s network.

Hence, it simply excludes the hardware and high bandwidth costs. As we all know that WebTorrent is a BitTorrent client that is developed by MIT. So, if you think that it might need any installation process to run, then you are thinking the wrong thing as it simply works inside the browsers which do not require any installation.

Here is what Ray Vahey, the creator of BitChute, says about his creation:-

“The idea comes from seeing the levels of censorship ascending in the great social multimedia platforms in the last years. Expulsions, demonetization, and adjustment of algorithms to send certain content to the deepest, and want to do something about it”.

“He knew that creating a clone was not the answer. Many have tried and failed. And it would inevitably grow to be an organization with the same problems, in any case”.

Moreover, this new video sharing platform BitChute only works on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari. While for now, it does not work on the Microsoft Edge browser and currently we don’t know the exact reason.

So, don’t forget to share your views and thoughts regarding this new censorship free video sharing platform in the comment section below.


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