As we all know that Mega is a cloud storage and file hosting service produced by Mega Limited, and recently Mega advised its users to make backup copies of their files.

Mega Advised Its Users To Make Backup Copies Of Their Files

[dropcap]Mega[/dropcap] is a New Zealand-based website which was launched on January 19, 2013, by Kim Dotcom. On Wednesday, April 20, Kim Dotcom the founder of the popular file-sharing service Mega warned its users about the need to back up your files via Twitter. According to the founder of Mega, Kim Dotcom, the company was unable to receive funds for the two years because of the refusal of payment systems cooperate (in early 2015 under pressure from the US government refused to accept PayPal payments).

As the founder of Mega, Kim Dotcom wrote that “Mega was forced to survive without the possibility of receiving payments for almost two years. We cover oxygen. Make backups of your files as soon as possible”.

In May 2015, an application for listing the company’s shares fell, and Kim Dotcom the founder of the popular file-sharing service Mega said that “caring about Internet freedom,” people no longer manage it. “The Government of New Zealand (current place of residence Dotcom) And Hollywood captured a significant share of the company. They have enough influence to prevent the listing of our shares on the New Zealand stock exchange”.

In addition to the failure of payment systems from cooperation with Mega, the founder of the company Kim Dotcom was concerned the presence among the shareholders of the millionaire William Yan (William Yan), also known as Bill Liu (Bill Liu). Businessman accused the Chinese authorities of fraud for $ 129 million and is in fifth place in the list of one hundred persons, extradition sought by Beijing.

Kim Dotcom the founder of the popular file-sharing service Mega said that “The fifth most wanted criminal in China and operates Mega wants to move the business in Hong Kong? Well, good luck,”. According to the TorrentFreak received comments from the current president of Mega Stephen Hall, Jana is only interested in investing in the company, but it has no powers to control it, and Kim Dotcom the founder of Mega unfounded this statement.


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