Meta Rolls Out Its Verified Account Service In India At Rs. 699 Per Month

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, announced on Wednesday that it is rolling out its verified subscription bundle, Meta Verified, for users in India at a monthly subscription price of Rs. 699 for mobile apps.

Meta Rolls Out Its Verified Account Service In India At Rs. 699 Per Month

Meta Rolls Out Its Verified Account Service In India At Rs. 699 Per Month

For the uninitiated, Meta Verified is a subscription bundle on Instagram and Facebook that includes a verified badge that authenticates users’ accounts with government ID, proactive account protection, and access to account support.

“We’re expanding our test of Meta Verified to India after seeing good results from our early testing in several countries globally. We’ll also continue honouring verified badges that were granted previously based on existing criteria,” Meta announced in a press release.

Further, the company stated that accounts verified before the introduction of Meta Verified would continue to retain their verified badges.

“We’ll also retain the verified badge for accounts that were verified before the introduction of Meta Verified. These accounts passed through a set of criteria to confirm their authentic presence and may be more susceptible to impersonation than the average user. So, it’s important we maintain the verified badge to protect their accounts and the people that engage with them,” Meta added.

With Meta Verified, the company wants to develop a valuable subscription offering for creators, businesses, and the wider community. Also, the program aims to prevent online impersonation while protecting user account integrity.

Who Is Eligible For Meta Verified?

To subscribe to Meta Verified, users must be at least 18 years or older, possess a government-issued ID card, such as Aadhar Card or a driving license, and have minimum activity requirements, such as prior posting history.

The applicants must then submit a government ID matching the profile name and photo of the Facebook or Instagram account they are applying for.

Currently, only individuals can get verified. At this time, businesses are not eligible to apply for Meta Verified.

Benefits Of Meta Verified

By subscribing to Meta Verified in India, users will get a verified badge confirming that their accounts have been authenticated with a government ID. Further, subscribers will receive more proactive account protection from impersonators who might be targeting people with growing online audiences.

Lastly, access to account support will be readily available for common account issues. Currently, help is available in English only, but it is expected to include Hindi in the coming months.

Price and Availability

Starting today, Meta Verified is available for direct purchase on Instagram or Facebook in India at a monthly subscription price of Rs. 699 for iOS and Android users.

However, the company also plans to expand its reach on the web at a reduced subscription fee of Rs. 599 per month in the coming months. People interested in purchasing on the web can sign up for the waitlist through the Facebook web Account Center to be notified when web purchasing is available.


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