Microsoft To Add This Extraordinary New Feature To Windows 10
Microsoft To Add This Extraordinary New Feature To Windows 10

In an attempt to make Windows ecosystem more reliable and secure the tech giant Microsoft is implementing lots of new features to its latest Windows 10 operating system. Hence, the tech giant Microsoft hinted that soon it will add an extraordinary new feature to Windows 10.

Microsoft To Add This Extraordinary New Feature To Windows 10

Bluetooth ensures that we can connect to our external devices without resorting to wires and maintain the quality we would be waiting for. It always forces a pairing, which is not always straightforward and easy.

The tech giant Microsoft will soon improve Windows 10 and allow a quick connection to be made virtually without user intervention. The Quick Pair will be a reality very soon.

The tech giant Microsoft wants Windows 10 users to get rid of some of the more repetitive and even unnecessary tasks, so it’s working to make this system simpler.

An example of one of these improvements may soon emerge and focus on Bluetooth connections. As the tech giant Microsoft will be preparing the arrival of Quick Pair, which will dispense with all normal pairing processes.

Especially for the user, it will be easier and faster, just clicking on a notification to authorize the connection. All conversation and synchronization will be done automatically between Windows 10 and devices.

Although it is a novelty in Windows 10 and other Microsoft systems, this fast pairing is already a reality in other systems. The tech giant Google already has it in use on Android, with Fast Pair, and even the tech giant Apple already uses it, for example, in the connection that is made between iPhone and AirPods.

Everything will be done in a simple way, bringing only the Bluetooth device to your PC or tablet with Windows 10. The security remains guaranteed as it will always depend on the authorization of the user.

Quick Pair is not yet a reality in Windows 10, even in the Insider test builds, but it should come soon enough. It is also not known which devices will be supported, but are expected to be Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth LE.

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