Microsoft To Charge For Windows 7 Updates
Microsoft To Charge For Windows 7 Updates

We all know very well that by concentrating on the most widely used and the latest version of Windows, of course, Windows 10, the tech giant Microsoft wants all its users to simply abandon older systems in the shortest time. However, now according to the latest reports, the tech giant Microsoft to charge for Windows 7 security updates beyond the year 2020.

Microsoft To Charge For Windows 7 Updates

Well, the tech giant Microsoft claims that Windows 10 is now more popular if compared to Windows 7. But, the tech giant Microsoft has a problem with its latest operating systems. Its quality means that users do not want to leave them and try to stay connected to them until the last moment.

Hence, now the tech giant Microsoft has a plan that could change the rules of this dependency. Yes, the tech giant Microsoft’s well-known and was once the most used Windows 7’s security updates will become paid after the year 2020.

With Windows XP, the tech giant Microsoft has proven that even with all the warnings and information, users and businesses tend to avoid change and remain faithful to older versions of the tech giant Microsoft’s operating systems.

Anticipating this behavior, which should be repeated after January 14, 2020, the date when Windows 7 support ends, the tech giant Microsoft has prepared a change that should ensure the security of those obsoleted operating systems of the tech giant Microsoft.

By 2023 there will be exceptional security updates called Extended Security Updates, but for which the tech giant Microsoft will simply charge a value that has not been revealed yet and will be applied to each computer being upgraded.

Not only that, as the most surprising thing that the tech giant Microsoft didn’t forget to mention that this amount to be charged will also get increased with each passing year, which will make the desired migration to Windows 10 more advantageous to users than relying on these updates.

Moreover, the tech giant Microsoft also warned that these updates will only be available for the Professional and Enterprise versions of Windows 7 and for customers who use Volume Licensing, that is, it is dedicated to businesses that have a high volume of licenses, not dedicating to the personal computers of normal users.

This new support model, which companies or businesses are going to have to pay for, comes to fix a problem that is present in Windows XP, one of the well-known and successful operating system of the tech giant Microsoft. Many companies did not intend to migrate to Windows 10 and the tech giant Microsoft ended its support and simply leaving thousands of machines vulnerable.

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