Microsoft Is Developing A Lightweight Windows
Microsoft Is Developing A Lightweight Windows

According to the reports from reliable sources, the tech giant Microsoft is developing a lightweight version of Windows for the modern computing world.

Microsoft Is Developing A Lightweight Windows

Windows 10 is not only the operating system we know and use, but its ecosystem goes much further. From personal computers to consoles, phones, and appliances, the shadow of Windows 10 is long, and Microsoft also has in mind to expand the ecosystem of Windows 10, as demonstrated by the new and still unknown “Cloud Shell” project.

Although Microsoft has not made statements about the new Windows 10 Cloud Shell, experts say that it is a new operating system within the ecosystem of Windows 10 with which the company seeks to re-open a hole in the ARM market to try to Resurrect the shattered Windows RT project, especially in home environments.

As we have said, for the moment not much is known about this new project in the works Microsoft, though, according to rumors, it could be a device, or shell, as its name suggests, with Universal integration Windows Platform and focused on run Services and basic processes to be connected to the cloud or, simply, for Internet devices of the Things.

In a world increasingly connected and focused on cloud computing, at the moment major operating systems refuse to jump to the cloud. Years ago it was rumored that the latest version of Windows as we knew it would be the successor to Windows 7 (still unknown) and that, from then on, with the advent of Windows 9 everything would be based on the cloud.

Fortunately, this has not been so, and although operating systems are pretty much integrated into the cloud (storage, synchronization, etc.), at the moment Windows does not run over the Internet, but still does it locally, on the hardware of the user.

It is very likely that in a few years we will see a Windows based on the cloud, which will run entirely remotely under the concept Windows-as-a-Service, although most likely be mainly focused on the business sector, where people can Run a Windows without relying on state-of-the-art hardware.

However, the tech giant Microsoft is planning to launch its new Cloud Shell later this year, so in the coming months (probably in May, the date of the next developer and business conference) we might learn more about this suspicious project. So, until then stay tuned for more updates regarding this suspicious project.


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