After the Windows Mobile failure, now the tech giant Microsoft is betting on a new approach: making Android and iOS work better together with Windows 10. Hence, the tech giant Microsoft just launched its well-known web browser, Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android. And now it is available for Android in Google Play Store.

Finally, Microsoft Edge For Android Hits Google Play

It is more than clear that the tech giant Microsoft’s focus is software that has been seen in the recent choices and decisions of the company. This philosophy has led the company to create applications on competing operating systems, where it captivates new users.

As a part of this strategy, the tech giant Microsoft has now announced that its browser, Edge would reach iOS and Android. That promise has now come to fruition with its availability in Google’s OS, of course, Android.

It’s no surprise the arrival of Edge to Android and iOS. In addition to being announced by the tech giant Microsoft, everyone knew about the company’s expansion plans on these platforms, where it has invested heavily.

This new browser follows the line of what we can already find in Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. The idea of the tech giant Microsoft, not just in Edge’s case, is to maintain a cross-functional user experience that does not require any extra learning, so it’s natural for the user to use it.

Interestingly the tech giant Microsoft chose not to use its rendering engine, EdgeHTML and decided to adopt what each system uses and offers basic. This choice results in better integration and more balanced performance.

The Edge interface on Android reminds us of everything we are used to using in Windows 10. Users have access to the functions of a normal browser, but also some exclusive ones, which in themselves justify their adoption.

You can find the reading lists, the reading view and a tab page, both the normal and the private. All arranged in a known way by users.

But it’s in the details and in the exclusive functions Edge gains. This browser allows you to start navigating your tabs and quickly transfer them to Windows 10. This continuity is one of the tech giant Microsoft’s bets that will make Windows 10 the center of its ecosystem.

You can also find on this Edge a QR code reader and the possibility of controlling it by voice. The initial tab always reserves the thumbnails of the sites we visit the most.

If you want to test Edge on Android today, you can do it quickly. Only you have to register in the version of tests, appearing later the application to be installed.

It is generally agreed that this might be a good bet for the tech giant Microsoft, as it did when it placed Office and other applications in competing app stores. In this way, it can keep its users, without losing them to the offers of these platforms.

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