One of the most common complaints that users have with their web browsers, especially PC gamers, is the significant amount of RAM (memory) consumption that causes the computer to slow down.

This has hindered users from getting the most out of their systems.

Microsoft Edge To Allow You To Manually Control Its RAM Usage

However, this is likely to change very soon for Chromium-based Microsoft Edge web browser users, as the company is reportedly working on a new feature that will allow them to limit the amount of RAM it uses manually and perhaps improve the performance of other apps on their system.

According to X / Twitter user Leopeva64, the company is testing a built-in memory limiter that allows you to limit Edge’s access to RAM while playing PC games.

The new feature, mainly aimed at PC gamers, was spotted in the latest Edge Canary build.


As seen in the screenshot of the Microsoft Edge Settings page above, Microsoft has expanded the “Manage your performance” section with two new options: “Performance Detector” and “Resource controls.”

Once the ‘Resource controls’ option is enabled, you will get access to manage your browser’s RAM usage. This feature offers two modes: ‘When you’re PC gaming‘ and ‘Always ‘.

The ‘When you’re PC gaming’ option automatically limits RAM usage during gaming sessions, while the ‘Always’ option allows you to control Edge’s RAM usage at all times. This user-friendly approach empowers you to optimize your system’s performance without compromising on your browsing needs.

Lastly, Microsoft is testing a slider to control how much RAM Edge can use. For example, if your PC has 16GB of memory, the slider goes from 1-16. It also warns about setting a low limit that can negatively impact the browser’s performance. This tool is a valuable addition for systems with 32GB, 64GB, or more to keep the RAM usage in check while using memory-intensive apps.

It’s important to note that the new memory controls are currently available only to a select group of beta testers in the latest Edge Canary version, as this is part of a controlled feature rollout. If you’re eager to try out the new RAM limiter, you can check if your Edge Canary version has it by navigating to Settings > Performance > Performance Detector.


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