Recently, few reliable sources confirmed that soon the tech giant Microsoft will launch the fifth generation model of the Surface Pro which is expected to arrive in Q1 2017.

Microsoft To Launch Surface Pro 5 In Q1 2017, May Have Ultra HD 4K Display

Every year the tech giant Microsoft has accustomed its users to have the new versions of their laptops available, but in 2016 we did not saw the Surface Pro 5.

This situation has never been well understood, but new rumors point out that this new Microsoft 2-in-1 is coming soon, as early in 2017.

The reason for the absence of the launch of the new Surface Pro 5 in 2016 has always been pointed at Intel and its delay in launching new processors. This has never been confirmed, but everything seems to have been the cause.

Those awaiting the arrival of Surface Pro 5 now have good news. Several Asian sources have confirmed the arrival of the new Surface Pro 5 as early in 2017. This new machine is expected to arrive shortly after this year’s MWC, generally which takes place in February. At the same time, the tech giant Apple is expected to bring new features to its iPad family.

The tech giant Apple is having some issues with the construction of the new iPad processor, where TSMC appears to have problems with 10nm manufacturing processes, which could be an effective advantage for the tech giant Microsoft and its new Surface Pro 5.

What about the new specifications of Surface Pro 5?

In addition to the new release date, also appeared information about the new specifications of Surface Pro 5. It is pointed out that it will finally sport an Ultra HD screen, having a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.

Also, this Surface is expected to be equipped with the seventh generation of the Intel Core i5 and i7 lines, which has up to 16 GB of RAM and supports up to 512 GB of storage space. The presence of a biometric reader on the screen is also almost certain.

After having recently introduced the second version of the Surface Book and the new Surface Studio, its first desktop computer, the tech giant Microsoft has finally prepared the renovation of its most iconic computer, Surface Pro.


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