Continuing with the strategy of being in your pocket anyway, the tech giant Microsoft is betting on a new approach: making Android and iOS work better together with Windows 10. Hence, recently, the tech giant Microsoft just added new features to its new launcher for Android that lets you connect your phone and PC.

Microsoft Launcher For Android To Get Extraordinary New Features

Microsoft Launcher, formerly called Arrow Launcher, is an application launcher for Android devices that was born with the virtue of bringing the world of mobile devices to stay more integrated with your desktop computers, facilitating the transfer of activities from mobile phones to PC

Simple way Today a new beta version of this launcher has been released, reaching version, which has incorporated some features widely demanded as well as other developments.

In this regard, the tech giant Microsoft’s new Android launcher Microsoft Launcher for Android devices now has support for the grids, supporting up to a maximum of 12 × 12. It also adds the option that facilitates migration from other launchers and the possibility of backing up and restoring.

It will also allow you to drag and drop applications without entering the editing mode, and some adjustments have even been made in the user interface, where among other aspects, it is already possible to include five applications in the dock.

Moreover, the search bar is by default remain in the bottom, and the configuration page is restructured, among other changes, including bug fixes and performance improvements.

The beta is available now for all those users who have joined the Beta Program, there being the possibility that those who have not yet joined, can do it in a simple way to obtain the beta from the Google Play Store.

However, if you are using the older Arrow launcher, you will be migrated to the new version of launcher app over the time. So, what do you think about this? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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