Recently, the tech giant Microsoft rewarded a nine-year-old boy an Xbox One X for Christmas who is from the small town of Ashland in the US state of Ohio. Actually, nine-year-old Mikah Frye wanted an Xbox One for Christmas to play “Minecraft”. But then the boy from the small town of Ashland in the US state of Ohio realized that at the price of an Xbox one could also help the homeless, who are freezing in the cold outside. He bought blankets with his parents for the Xbox money and distributed them to those who are worse off than himself at Christmas. Microsoft now rewarded the little Samaritan with an Xbox One limited edition “Minecraft” edition.

Microsoft Rewards 9-Year-Old’s Selflessness With Xbox One X

In an increasingly selfish world, little Mikah – who himself and his parents had been forced to rely on emergency shelters for several weeks – has given up his Christmas dream of helping to help others, Fox8 reports.

The consequence of his selflessness was not only the gratitude of the homeless, but also the attention of a TV channel and the billion dollar company the tech giant Microsoft, who rewarded him on Saturday with a great surprise.

Mikah’s grandmother cried with emotion

“When they called me and told me, I immediately started crying, I could not believe it,” told Mike’s grandmother Terry Brant on the phone call from the tech giant Microsoft. It was really hard not to tell little Mikah about the surprise that awaited him on Saturday.

But the grandma kept tight. On Saturday, the family went with the guy to a nearby shopping centre – officially, to do some shopping. Unofficially there waited in the back room a Microsoft Santa Claus with gifts for the boy. When Mikah had rummaged through to the “Minecraft” Xbox, he started to cry with joy.

“He said, ‘you can buy them a blanket,’ and I said, ‘do you want to give up one Christmas gift to get a blanket to give to someone?’ And he said, ‘okay,’ and when he got home, he later said, ‘if the XBox is $300, and the blankets are $10, then I can buy 30 blankets,'” Mikah’s grandmother, Terry Brant, told Fox 8 News earlier this month.

“They are enveloped by the love of the Lord”

In the end, everyone has a Merry Christmas: Mikah, who can try on his brand new Xbox as a “Minecraft” builder. And the homeless people of the Ashland Church Community Emergency Shelter Service, to whom the little Samaritan donated the blankets. The chief of the emergency shelter: “Not only will you get a nice warm blanket that you can keep, you will also be enveloped in the love of the Lord and of Mika!”

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