Microsoft Says "Early Goodbye" To Windows 7

Microsoft waves an ‘early goodbye’ to Windows 7, pushes Windows 10 upgrades. In three years of extended support of Windows 7 , it is now running out permanently.

Microsoft Says “Early Goodbye” To Windows 7

Well, Microsoft claims that Windows 10 is now more popular if compared to Windows 7. However, according to NetMarkShare’s monthly usage figures, Windows 10 hit 24.36% globally, but it’s dominated by Windows 7’s 48.34% share.

One thing is for sure; Windows 7 is going to be the number one desktop operating system for some time to come. However, Microsoft is desperate to move Windows 7 users to Windows 10 by alerting Windows 7 users that the support is coming to an end.

Microsoft even claimed that Windows 7 has outdated security and can’t keep up with today’s security needs. According to a post which goes by the title “An Early Goodbye to Windows 7! Supports ends in three years“, Microsoft claimed that the support for Windows 7 is going to end permanently within three years.

From January 14, 2020, onwards there will be “no security updates, upgrades and no technical support from Microsoft.” Microsoft claims the move as “logical decision” because “Windows 7 can no longer keep up with the increased security requirements” and sticking with older Operating system leads to “higher operating costs.”

Well, if that was not enough to switch from Windows 7 to Windows 10 then Microsoft even claimed that “Windows 10 is the only version of Windows that provides the appropriate support for the latest chips from Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm. Also, many programs are already being written or developed for the newer versions of Windows.”

The post was composed in the German language, and it shows the fear, uncertainty, and doubt from Microsoft. One thing is for sure that whatever Microsoft is doing with Windows 7 isn’t entirely fair. However, the post serves as a reminder that the time is ticking on for the aging OS.

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